'There is Plenty of everything on this beautiful planet of ours.'

 The purpose of Planet of Abundance is for people to awaken to the flow

 of abundance that is all around us, to bring this abundance into our lives,

 and to share this abundance with others

 Planet of abundance started with a vision of seeing all people, and

particularly children, happy and healthy. This can be done by thinking

abundantly, by believing that there is plenty on this planet for

everyone. When we think abundantly we increase the flow of abundance.

When we share that abundance, it multiplies.

 How do we Think Abundantly?

 Thinking abundantly is seeing, hearing, speaking, and loving with a feeling of plenty.

You can create an atmosphere of abundance by choosing to have a positive outlook,

by choosing to speak in a positive way, and by supporting yourself in doing this.

For example, you can place a picture in your kitchen of happy children eating.

 What Can You Do?

 The destiny of our planet is in our hands and most importantly in our minds.

We believe that you are a destiny weaver, and we request your participation

in weaving an abundant future for our children.

1. You can organise a party where people celebrate the abundance in their lives,

the food they are eating, and the people they are sharing their food with.

You can ask people to share their abundance by making a donation to be given to charity.

2. You can take a moment each day to send out a message of love to children around the world.

We are all connected, and we don't have to be standing next to someone to send them love.

3. You can read and share the poem 'Manifestation'(below).

4. As you grow in awareness of abundance, your own abundance will be attracted to you.

Having fun is a wonderful way to keep you in the flow of abundance.

5. We ask that you find this light in yourself and then shine it for others.

6. SHARE THIS MESSAGE WITH OTHERS - E-mail this website to a friend

 We are asking people to make a concentrated effort from 22nd June to 25th June 2007.

 1. Organise an event to raise funds to bring abundance to children in Africa and around the world.

2. Encourage people worldwide to celebrate their abundance by eating with joy, sharing eating food with friends,
and donating the equivalent amount of money that they have spent on their food for the day, or whatever amount they can afford.

3. Ask schools, workplaces, and any other places where people gather to become involved.

The message is that there is enough for everyone in the world, and we should be able to enjoy our food, share it with others, and feel good about it.

(Poem by Lisa Conroy)

  I live to create
My creations bring
joy into my being
I live to love
As I manifest love
Into my knowing
I know that this
love is abundant
I love and live
To connect with the
Source of all that
I am and in my
knowing I know
that this Source
Connects each one
of us and its love
fills each space
We are joy, We are
Being, We are the
light that we are

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